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Published:November 9, 2023


How to Collect the Creators you Love


Revel’s collection system is fueled by creating “sets” of other creators. What is a set? A set consists of three cards from a particular creator that have been “locked” (or staked). Each creator’s profile displays how many sets you have from that creator, as well as your progress toward the next set.


A set completion module(image below) describes the rarity of the cards required to complete a set. In this case, the user is working on the 7th set from this creator and has not yet collected any of the required cards (1 common, 1 rare, and 1 unique).

Cards that are locked in a set will display a set icon (in the upper left of the card thumbnail):

Benefits of locking sets


  • Locked sets earn harvest cards whenever the creator issues a new pack of cards (for more info on Harvest, read this post).
  • Cards that are locked in a set cannot be purchased by other users via QuickBuy and must be negotiated for via offers.


Generally, you should not trade cards that you have locked in a set, as this will “break” the set and your harvest card rewards will be reduced. When another user makes an offer on cards that are locked in a set, you will be given a warning before accepting the trade (as seen in the image below).


As you can see, at the fifth set, the difficulty increases as you will need to begin collecting a unique (1/1) card in order to lock additional sets. For now, each additional set beyond the fifth will require one common, one rare, and one unique.


Harvest cards and unlocking sets


Each locked set is associated with a different rarity of potential harvest cards, as specified here.


When you unlock a set, the difficulty of your next set will remain the same. For example, consider this chain of events:

  1. You complete your fourth set (requiring three unique cards) from a particular creator. 
  2. If you unlock your fourth set, there are two consequences to this action:
    1. You receive harvest commensurate with set 3 → a mystery card rather than a rare card .
    2. Your next set still requires three rare cards.



Locking sets is a core part of the Revel experience and we want to encourage users to keep their cards locked/staked. So, don’t trade your locked cards!


What’s next?

As we often say in web3, “it’s early.” We will continue to make adjustments to Revel as we add new features (and as our user community grows) in order to create the best possible user experience over the long term.


We realize that we will not always get everything perfectly right on the first try, and we appreciate your feedback–please connect with us in Discord or on social media to let us know how you like these improvements. We’re also happy to answer questions from our community.


Every other Thursday, you can join us for a Town Hall or “Play the Game” session and interact with the team live, on Zoom. You can register here, and we hope to see you there!


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