Published:December 20, 2023


RevelUp: The Revel Card Battle Game is Live

Battle your cards against other Revelers for the chance to win cards!



We’re excited to share that the “RevelUp” battle game is now live! RevelUp is more than a game… It’s an experience that lets you pit your prized cards against other users’ collections. It’s where strategy, creativity, and a touch of luck collide to determine the ultimate card master! You can select which cards you want to battle, be matched against other Revelers, and battle to win cards. 

You can find RevelUp within your Revel app wallet (accessed by tapping your balance on the top navigation bar within the app).

Playing your first match is simple:

1. Select the card you want to battle.

Your most recent 100 cards collected on Revel are automatically displayed within RevelUp. You can filter and review your cards and select which card you want to battle. Remember: While you may WIN your opponent’s card, you can also lose your card, depending on who wins the battle.


2.  Start your battle

Once you select your card, you will be automatically matched with the next available Reveler who is ready to battle.



3. Did you win or lose?

The system reviews the traits of the cards being battled, and a randomly selected category determines the battle’s outcome.



Why RevelUp?

RevelUp extends Revel cards functionality. While we know we all like to collect cards, it can also be fun to take a risk and battle your cards.

🤝Meet other Revelers

RevelUp connects you with other Revel users. Hop over to our Discord server to discuss tips and tricks or share your own battle story.


Everyone loves to win, and RevelUp is a great place to challenge yourself and others in a fun but competitive way.


To celebrate the launch of RevelUp, we will be hosting a leaderboard challenge.  The top 5 players on the weekly leaderboard on Friday Dec 22 will receive Rev prizes.


What’s next?

We appreciate your feedback–please connect with us in Discord or on social media to let us know how you like these improvements. We’re also happy to answer questions from our community.

Every other Thursday, you can join us for a Town Hall or “Play the Game” session and interact with the team live, on Zoom. You can register here, and we hope to see you there!


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