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Published:November 7, 2023


Users in good standing who meet certain requirements may “cash out” Revs to fiat currency after logging in to our website at

Cash-out Requirements:

  • Have a minimum balance of 3,750 Revs (subject to change)
  • Provide appropriate tax forms and valid government ID (driver license or passport).
  • Maintain good standing within Revel:
    • No content moderation violations
    • No inappropriate trading behavior

Reside in a country eligible for payments from a US-based company (the list of U.S.-sanctioned countries to which payments cannot be made is here).

Cash-out Process:

Step 1: Once logged into Revel via a desktop browser, users will be guided through the steps to apply for cash out. This process includes providing payment and tax information, as well as a valid government-issued ID.

Step 2: After submitting all required information and documentation, applications are reviewed and, providing the information is correct and the individual is in good standing, they will be approved for cashout. Note: approval may take 1-4 days.

Step 3: Once an application is approved, the user will be notified and may then return to the Revel web dashboard and set the number of Revs they wish to convert to fiat currency.

Step 4: Cash-out submissions are reviewed and, assuming the user is still in good standing, the cash-out request will be approved.

Pro Tips:

  • At this time, cash out is available in the form of wire transfer, check, or PayPal payment.  Currently, there are no plans to add crypto payments.
  • The physical address on application and government-issued ID must match.
  • Revel is a U.S.-based company and is unable to process payment to government-sanctioned countries.

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