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Published:January 30, 2024


Amber Vittoria is an artist, poet, and author working in Los Angeles, California. Through abstracted form, ribbons of color and joyous words, her work represents the nuances of emotion, beauty, and nostalgia. She has been sharing some behind the scenes content on Revel, and you can see her journey in the studio. We had a chance to ask Amber a few questions about her artistic journey.

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Revel Team: How does the emotional connection between an artist and a collector change when art is collected or traded as a digital asset? 

Amber: When art is collected or traded as a digital asset, I feel like the relationship between the artist and the collector grows a bit stronger. I think that’s because your first connection is online, whether you’re chatting with each other over email or dms about the artwork before it’s collected. And the fact that they can access it immediately and share it with whomever pretty instantly, I think allows for a deeper bond. And that’s what I’ve seen in my experience. The next question is your color.

Revel Team: Social media has changed how art is consumed and shared. What are your thoughts on this shift, especially considering the collector’s mentality and the digital age over the last few years? 

Amber: Social media definitely has shifted how artwork is shared and consumed and for someone like me, that’s been incredible. The fact that the gatekeepers of how artists used to behave in the past, whether that was having agents to work commercially or working with galleries to sell their fine art, I feel like that is starting to change because artists can advocate and share their work themselves and then sell it to people directly. That has been the most incredible shift. I think that people see artwork on a daily basis now because they’re following artists and creators and their feeds, and when they log onto social media, that artwork is there. I think that is a net benefit. The fact that we get to experience each other’s work on a more immediate basis has been pretty incredible. 

Revel Team: As an artist, what kind of art do you find yourself drawn to collect? Do you see any similarities between your collecting habits and those of your audience? 

Amber: When it comes to me collecting artwork, I definitely sometimes, and similar to those that collect my work, but then sometimes I’m very different. Um, I make a lot of my work physically, so there is something really special and magical about owning a painting or owning a limited edition print and really having that tactile experience. Um, but with that, having space to collect physical work can be tough sometimes. So, um, for me, I really resonate with work that, um, tells a story and has a narrative behind it and allows me to connect to that story or to the artist making that story through that piece. And that’s the work I gravitate towards most. Um, some collectors are very similar in the fact that they resonate with the story that the artwork is telling, and then other times they’re, um, drawn to the aesthetics of the piece itself. Or if they love a particular type of artwork, whether that’s painting or generative work or photography, sometimes they collect a genre that resonates with them. So, um, sometimes I’m similar and sometimes I’m different. So hopefully all of those help and I’m excited to see it come out on social.

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