January Product Updates

Published:January 31, 2024


Moving Revel forward in 2024!


GM, Revelers! We hope that your 2024 is off to a great start as January winds down. We wanted to recap a couple of recent product updates that hopefully improve your Revel experience.


Manage Notifications

Highly engaged, long-term users of Revel have often asked for a way to better manage their notifications. A recent app update added a “Manage Notifications” option within the settings that allows you to individually disable individual notifications of various types without completely disabling Revel push notifications. Don’t care to know immediately when you receive royalties from trades or QuickBuys of your cards? Just turn it off. We hope this helps you see more of the notifications you like, and eliminate the ones that you don’t!



Although we love ALL members of our Revel community, we know that it can sometimes be helpful to have more limited contact with certain users based on how they use the app or communicate. Recently, we improved our “block” feature in the following ways:

  • A blocked user’s cards will no longer appear in your Feeds and Explore.
  • Blocked users can no longer send you chat messages or offers.
  • You will no longer be paired with blocked users in RevelUp.
  • Feeling a sudden belief in second chances? You can now visit a blocked user’s profile and elect to unblock them.
Minor Improvements

We have also continued to make other changes to the app that you may or may not have noticed. For example:

  • Active offers between you and other users are visible within chats with those users.
  • Users without many collectors will have more offers on their cards through the Daily Shake. This is a great way to discover new users!
  • Feed should now show a more diverse assortment of available cards from different collectors.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes throughout the app on both iOS and Android.
What’s Next?

As we’ve previewed in recent Town Halls, we’re hard at work on some massive new features that we believe will be transformative to the ways that we all use Revel; specifically:

  • The “Upgrade” feature that will allow you to improve the cards you care about most and progress further with your favorite creators.
  • “Collabs”, which will use artificial intelligence to combine one of your cards with a card from another creator.

We’ll soon share more updates on our progress and for when we expect to release these features. It’s going to be a wild ride!

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