How Web3 is Revolutionizing the Music Industry

Published:June 27, 2023


Up-and-Coming Musicians have new opportunities to earn and connect with fans

The music industry has always been notoriously difficult for up-and-coming musicians. Despite the rise of digital streaming platforms, many artists still struggle to gain recognition and earn a living from their music. The emergence of web3 technology and blockchain has been making waves across various industries, and the music industry is no exception. Let’s explore the transformative impact of web3 and blockchain on the music industry, revolutionizing the way music is created, distributed, and monetized.

Fan Engagement

Digital assets that are revolutionizing the music industry. Musicians can use digital collectibles to create unique and valuable digital assets that fans can collect and trade. This creates a new form of fan engagement and loyalty, as fans are incentivized to support their favorite artists by collecting their NFTs. This also provides fans with exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes footage, co-ownership in media with their favorite musicians, and a financial stake in the success of these musicians.

On, musicians have the opportunity to share content with their superfans. Fans can invest in their favorite musicians, with the potential to earn as the musician becomes successful.

Enhanced Collaboration and Licensing

AI is also opening very interesting collaboration opportunities for artists to work together and build the artist/fan relationship. An anonymous TikTok user recently posted a song titled “Heart on My Sleeve” featuring what sounded like vocals from Drake and The Weeknd. The song almost immediately went viral, with some fans believing that it was a real collaboration between the two artists. However, it was later revealed that the song was actually created using artificial intelligence (AI). The incident is a sign of the growing potential for AI to be used to create new forms of music. It is also a reminder of the need for the music industry to develop clear guidelines on how AI can be used in a responsible and ethical way. is focused on enhancing the relationship between creators and fans, as well as bringing easy to use, cutting edge technology to the masses. offers several different generative AI features, including text-to-art image generation and “Personas,” which enables our users to create new images of themselves (or loved ones/pets) after uploading a few photographs. In future versions of our app, we plan to allow collaborations between creators and fans and ensure ownership and revenue is given to the appropriate parties based on smart contracts. is a great home for up and coming musicians looking for exposure, additional revenue streams and exciting new ways to engage with fans. creator and musician, Cyrus Dobre has been using Revel to explore his creativity with AI and share new cards with his fans.


Web3 technology allows for the creation of decentralized platforms for music distribution. These platforms use blockchain technology to eliminate intermediaries and allow musicians to distribute their music directly to fans. This eliminates the need for record labels and streaming platforms, and gives artists more control over their work and earnings. Platforms like Audius and have opened doors and given unique opportunities for musicians breaking into the business. On, musicians can share their music with superfans and share ownership and a financial stake in the success of these musicians. As fans collect the musician’s Cards on Revel, they will earn bonus Cards when the musician creates more and also have the opportunity to convert in-app earnings to USD.

Web3 technology is creating new opportunities for up-and-coming musicians to gain recognition and earn a living from their music. By leveraging decentralized platforms for music distribution, NFTs, decentralized finance, and smart contracts, musicians can take control of their work and build sustainable careers in the music industry. As Web3 technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more exciting innovations that empower musicians and transform the music industry as a whole.

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