How Fans Will Be Rewarded in the Next Phase of the Creator Economy

Published:July 12, 2023


Redefining Our Relationships With Creators, For Mutual Benefit

At, we are all in on the revolutionary possibilities enabled by web3 technologies. The value proposition that most excites us is the ability to connect creators and fans in new and exciting ways, enabled by digital asset creation and ownership. We’ve only just scratched the surface so far, with what we’ve already built and released to our users, but we wanted to give you a taste of how we think about this and how we see the app evolving over time.

The Current Framework

The traditional framework of social media (on platforms like Instagram or TikTok) is based on the idea that everyone can use these app platforms to connect and share content with one another. They are also home to “influencers” of various shapes and sizes…models, actors, musicians, comedians, athletes, clever creators, and more. For those of us who follow these folks, they are often able to turn your “likes” and “follows” into revenue through partnerships with brands.

How is shaping the future

We don’t believe that there’s anything wrong with that! However, it may be time for a better model that can serve both creators and fans even better. enables users to own a piece of each creator’s history on the platform by collecting the digital assets that they upload. As a creator grows her following, the collector will ideally see gains in the values of the creator’s Cards because they will be in greater demand from other users. This relationship also enables creators to more clearly see who their biggest supporters are and, if they choose, to reward them through increased access or other perks. Over time, we anticipate building out features that further foster the 1:1 connections.

How to connect Creators with Fans

Although we see this as a massive opportunity for fans/followers, we’re ideally creating a more rewarding experience for creators, as well! When fans realize that they have more to gain from their relationships with creators, they will be more motivated to help support those creators in attracting new followers to their communities. On, this might mean referring other users to the platform using a creator’s referral code or perhaps recruiting other users on the platform to begin collecting their Cards. Alternatively, it could mean something more–setting up a brand partnership, for example. Regardless, the point is that the creator’s success also becomes the success of their community through higher Card values, more Bonus Cards, more meaningful access and perks, and more. The community is more heavily incentivized to help each creator succeed.

This is our belief as a company, and a part of how we think about our app as we try to change the world in our own small way. Thank you for being part of the journey with us!

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