Published:August 16, 2023


Trading too slow? Get the Cards you need, on demand!

  • QuickBuy allows you to purchase a Common or Rare card immediately, without waiting for an offer to be accepted.
  • Unique Cards and cards that are locked in Sets are not eligible for QuickBuy.
  • Each QuickBuy price is a premium above a Card’s listed Estimated Value.
  • Don’t want one of your Common or Rare cards to be quick-bought, by others, for a premium? Lock it in a Set.

Wheeling and dealing with others can be fun, but occasionally frustrating. Maybe you’ve been negotiating with another user and the deal suddenly stalls, or there’s a scarce Card you want that no one seems willing to part with.

We know that those instances can be pain points and we’ve experienced them ourselves! It’s especially important to be able to get those Commons and Rares that will help complete the first few Sets for another user. Enter the QuickBuy feature.

We’ve added a QuickBuy button to Common and Rare “Card Details” pages, shining a spotlight on the QuickBuy price (in Revs). It’s like your own personal express lane to card acquisition.

Our QuickBuy price comes with an electrifying twist — a premium markup from the Card’s estimated value. It’s a golden ticket to immediate ownership and immediate profit for the Card seller, who receives a premium on the Card’s estimated value.

You might be wondering, from whom am I buying these Cards?! This is where things get interesting…any Card that is not currently locked in a Set is eligible for another user to QuickBuy. So, if you have Cards you don’t want to be purchased by another user, lock them as quickly as possible.

Unique Cards are NOT eligible for QuickBuy. Also, Cards for which all Editions are currently locked in Sets will not feature a QuickBuy button.

We hope that you enjoy this new feature! Please let us know your feedback by emailing us at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you.

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