December 2023 App Updates

Published:December 24, 2023


December 2023 App Updates

Progress toward a thriving card economy and better collection management

We recently added quality-of-life features to make trading and collection management easier:

  • Trade management that allows sorting of received offers
  • Sort and filter capabilities (by creator, rarity, etc.) within individual trades
  • Sort and filter within the “Collected” tab of user profiles



We expect that these improvements have addressed some pain points resulting from high trading volume. Coming on Sunday, December 24th, we have several additional changes that will improve both the user experience and Revel’s card economy.


Harvest Changes

Another change that we have previewed in our Town Halls and Twitter (X) Spaces: Harvest received whenever a creator mints has changed from a guaranteed 1-2 commons and/or rares (based on your number of locked sets of that creator) to a percentage chance of receiving a card.


The odds of receiving a harvest card each time a creator mints will increase with the number of sets locked. Set requirement and harvest schedule is available here and will be updated, if necessary, over time.


Note that only one harvest card may be earned each time a creator mints a pack, and the odds (of receiving a common or rare card) will be communicated on the Set Completion Module.

Set Management

To allow people to easily unlock and manage their sets, users can now review all the sets that they l locked for a particular creator and easily unlock them. This will come in handy when you want to free up a Joker or a Unique card!

Additionally, in the future, you will be able to swap cards in/out of locked sets, making it much easier to curate your collection by keeping your favorite cards.

Set Leaderboard

An upgraded version of the leaderboard now also shows top collectors, ranked by the number of sets collected. This is a great way to see who a creator’s biggest supporters are not, only by the Revs they spend, but also by their level of effort to accumulate and lock that creator’s sets over time!

What’s Next?

As we often say in web3, “it’s early.” We will continue to make adjustments to Revel as we add new features (and as our user community grows) in order to create the best possible user experience over the long term.

We realize that we will not always get everything perfectly right on the first try, and we appreciate your feedback–please connect with us in Discord or on social media to let us know how you like these improvements. We’re also happy to answer questions from our community.

Every other Thursday, you can join us for a Town Hall or “Play the Game” session and interact with the team live, on Zoom. You can register here, and we hope to see you there!

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