A Brief History of Collectibles

Published:April 19, 2023


From Trading Cards to Digital Collectibles

We’ve all collected something — baseball cards, pokemon cards, shells from beach days, dare we even mention NFTs. Collecting things has been a popular hobby for a long time. People like to collect items that are unique or special, and some things become very valuable over time. Today, we’re seeing a new type of collectible emerge in the digital age: digital collectibles.

The Origins of Collectibles

Collecting things is an ancient tradition that’s been around for centuries. People used to collect things for religious or ceremonial reasons, or because they thought something was beautiful or interesting. In the Middle Ages, rich people in Europe started collecting art and artifacts from other parts of the world, like sculptures and coins.

The Rise of Trading Cards

In the 1800s, collecting trading cards became really popular in the United States. These cards had pictures of famous people, animals, or scenes, and were often given away with tobacco products. People started collecting more and more types of trading cards, like sports stars and superheroes. Baseball cards were especially popular, and some old ones are worth millions of dollars today!

The Evolution of Collectibles

As time went on, new types of collectibles emerged. In the mid-20th century, people started collecting comic books and toys. Some old comic books and toys from the 1970s and 1980s are very valuable today.

The Digital Age of Collectibles

Now, we’re seeing a new type of collectible emerge: digital collectibles. These are things that only exist in the digital world, like virtual trading cards or unique digital art pieces. They’re like physical collectibles, but they’re easier to store and transport, and they can include special features that make them more valuable over time.

Digital collectibles are really cool because they offer new opportunities for artists and musicians to make money from their work. They’re also fun to collect and trade, and you don’t have to worry about storing them in a safe place like physical collectibles.

Digital Collectibles on Revel.xyz

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