How to play

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Here's a quick guide around the game mechanics.

Goal is to increase your net worth

Achieve this in two ways:

  • Collect a Series from another user → this earns you a bonus Asset (Harvest) each time they mint
  • Getting your own Series collected by other users → this enables you to mint more.

Minting a Collection

To mint a new Collection, upload 3 photos. Assign a rarity type to each of the 3 photos: a Unique, a Rare, and a Common.

Common Assets = photo is minted in 10 Editions

Rare Assets = photo is minted in 5 Editions

Unique Assets = photo is minted in 1 Edition

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Collecting a Series

Collect one of each rarity type from another person to achieve a Series. A Series can be made using assets from multiple Collections.

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Series → Harvest

When you collect a Series, you are eligible for Harvest. Harvest is an Edition from any new mint by the person you collected a Series of.

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Series → Unlocks Minting

Collecting a Series also unlocks a new minting opportunity for the person you collected a Series of. Likewise, you can only re-mint once someone has created a Series from your Assets.

Rvs and Estimated Value

Revel Dollars (Rvs) are an in-app currency. All Assets have an Estimated Value in Rvs. Estimated Value is calculated based on Offers people put on Assets and recent Asset sale price. You can earn Rvs through good trades, earning Harvest, and by minting new Collections.

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Net Worth and Balance

Your Net Worth is comprised of two elements:

  1. The Estimated Asset Value of all the Assets that you own
  2. The Balance of Rvs that you own
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