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Published:November 16, 2022


The new social collectibles platform enables users to turn personal media into unique digital assets.

The next generation social media platforms that embrace the power of personal media ownership will deliver a new value proposition to consumers. This value proposition goes far beyond the creator class, to people everywhere who, for the first time, can have a stake in the media, community, and networks evolving around the people and brands they follow.

The Revel marketplace provides a social trading experience where people can collect and trade their personal media with each other.

It’s in our nature to want and share our creativity with others — whether we are professional creators or just sharing moments from our lives. As our digital identity becomes a bigger part of our lives, we see a growing demand for better solutions for content ownership, sharing, and earning opportunities.

The ability to own one’s media assets opens the door to exciting new social design space and that is why we built Revel.xyz: Allowing community members to own a stake in the personal brands they follow and have an affinity to.

Intro to Revel.xyz

Revel is a social collectibles platform. It brings the fun of social media self-expression together with the trading opportunities of a marketplace. Anyone can create their own collectibles, collect others, trade and earn. Our team is excited to bring to market an end-to-end platform for both creators and collectors, serving people from the moment of creation to discovering, sharing, and trading content. You can upload your own videos and photos, or create new ones using AI text-to-art, converting them to digital collectible ‘playing cards’.

Meet the Team

The team building Revel is made of serial entrepreneurs, successful game developers and technical visionaries who have scaled social networks to over 100 Million user sessions/ month. The team has a proven track record of building consumer networks at scale. Adi Sideman, CEO, created the official The Matrix movie game, cofounded k-solo Karaoke, the world’s first online Karaoke and ran YouNow (the live broadcasting platform). Shahar Nachmad, CTO, founded 5 companies including in spaces such as analytics, advertising and fintech, including Jasper, the consumer credit card company, and is a media visionary.

How to play on Revel.xyz

Play? Yes, Revel is a social platform with simple game mechanics, to ensure that anyone can easily understand the concepts of ownership, stake and the utility of media.

The goal on Revel.xyz is to increase one’s net worth on the platform. Revel is free and users don’t need to buy in. Rather, when a user joins Revel.xyz, she receives a ‘starter pack’ of assets to start trading and collecting with.

On Revel, you can easily follow and support your favorite creators, friends and people you discover along the way, while gaining a stake in the work and the community built around creative and popular people.

Users can grow their net worth by:

A. Collecting:

  • Discovering media assets one likes and making offers to acquire them
  • Collecting a set of assets created by a user (a Unique, Rare and Common), to get bonus assets every time that user mints more assets

B. Creating:

  • Minting great content that people want to collect
  • Spreading the word about it — creating demand

Proof of Demand Minting and Gameplay Motivation:

A. Everyone can mint their first collection on Revel. A collection is made of 3 assets, each in a different rarity:

  • A Unique — always a one and only
  • A Rare — starts at 5 Editions (Editions being copies)
  • And Common — starting at 10 Editions.

B. Once a user collects a Unique, a Rare, and a Common created by another user, they own a “set” of that user and two things happen:

  1. The creator who’s set got collected is able to mint another Collection
  2. The collector receives a bonus edition every time the creator mints a new collection.

This “Proof of Demand” minting controls the supply of assets per creator, and ensures a healthy inflation that is dynamically dialed to provide optimal engagement and revenue levels per user/creator.

On Revel, followers become stakeholders. Members of the community, through their collecting and gameplay actions, effectively manage the supply of each user/creator.

The Future

Our team continues to innovate and iterate. A few noteworthy items on our roadmap include:

  • Chat functionality — allowing users to communicate during trading
  • Cash-out abilities — users will be able to offramp R$ to USD
  • Web3 wallet connect — allowing users to claim their Revel assets and take custody of them into their crypto wallets — on the Polygon network.

Join the Revelution

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