Jokers, Explained

Published:January 10, 2023


What are Jokers on

The Joker Token is a PFP-style NFT that can be substituted for any unique asset on Revel, enabling users to more easily complete a series. In other words, a Joker can be used as a “wild card” when a user wants to lock a series by another user but does not possess a requisite unique asset created by that user. Jokers can be purchased for $R from a user’s profile or portfolio within the app. It’s important to note that Jokers are not always available and sell out fast, so you should return to the app regularly to see when the latest drop arrives.

How do I use Jokers on

Let’s consider a common scenario: User A has collected one common asset and one rare asset from User B, but has not yet been able to successfully acquire a unique asset from User B or anyone else who holds one of User B’s uniques. This is a perfect opportunity to use a Joker! User A can buy or trade for a Joker token in place of the missing unique asset and complete the series., which allows User A to begin earning harvest from User B.

It’s also important to note that a Joker can function just like any other unique 1/1 digital asset, but they should be valued highly in any trade negotiations on due to their immense versatility.

Why did create Jokers?

We want our users to have fun while trading assets on We realize that time and energy goes into researching and making good trades. Sometimes, there can be a lag in gameplay while a user is waiting for a new mint in order to collect a unique asset–the Joker token solves that. This encourages gameplay and allows users to continue collecting even when there are no uniques available to trade.

What does the future hold for Jokers on

Jokers are like other unique PFP NFTs (think Bored Apes). Each one is unique and we will soon support export to any Polygon wallet.

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