introduces Personas: Animated Personalized Avatar Collectibles

Published:February 23, 2023


First marketplace where people can create, mint and trade AI creations in a single easy-to-use app.

Today we released “Personas”, which enables people to create personalized AI avatars of themselves, their pets, or other family members. After you upload pictures of your subject,’s AI engine fine-tunes them and dishes out an array of personalized avatars. You can then select which of the avatars you would like to mint as digital collectibles, to be part of your next collection.

AI User Personas in action:

Behind the Scenes of Revel’s Personas product:

While Personas are simple to create and use, the technology behind them is cutting-edge. We deployed the DreamBooth tech. DreamBooth teaches new concepts to Stable Diffusion using a specialized form of fine-tuning. Fine-tuning, in general, entails making small adjustments to a process in order to achieve the desired output. Our team has been working to ensure that the product you experience is both easy to use and delightful.

What is DreamBooth?

Given as input just a few images of a subject, we fine-tune a pre-trained text-to-image model (Imagen, although our method is not limited to a specific model) such that it learns to bind a unique identifier with that specific subject. Once the subject is embedded in the output domain of the model, the unique identifier can then be used to synthesize fully-novel photorealistic images of the subject contextualized in different scenes. By leveraging the semantic prior embedded in the model with a new autogenous class-specific prior preservation loss, our technique enables synthesizing the subject in diverse scenes, poses, views, and lighting conditions that do not appear in the reference images. We apply our technique to several previously-unassailable tasks, including subject recontextualization, text-guided view synthesis, appearance modification, and artistic rendering (all while preserving the subject’s key features)


What’s Next?

Our mission is to provide users the ability to create and trade personalized collectibles. Enhancements and refinements will continue in the personalized generative AI, including animation, allowing users to manipulate their Personas via their own prompts, as well as allowing users to collaborate to create images with other people’s Personas (pending approval of the other user of course).

Modern art trends have redefined originality for the past half a century. There is no doubt that Generative AI tools compound matters into a post-modern remix culture. Yet, Generative AI is enabling a new collaborative & social format: original, creative and innovating in its own right.

Adi Sideman, CEO,

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