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Published:October 27, 2023


Managing the Revel card economy for long-term success

One of Revel’s most exciting features is the ability to earn harvest cards whenever a creator whom you are collecting issues a new Pack. We all love opening the app to claim our harvest!

Moving forward, the harvest logic is changing to focus more on predictable quality of the harvest cards, rather than random quantity. This change, specified below, is geared to facilitate healthier card inflation in the overall Revel economy.

Previous Harvest Logic:

Each additional locked set produces a harvest of an additional single, random card (90% chance of Common, 10% chance of Rare).

New Harvest Logic:

Each additional locked set produces a harvest of a different card (or cards) of higher rarity.

You’ll now transparently see the harvest for which you’ll be eligible after you lock your next set (check the set-completion module within users’ profiles).

Harvest Cards based on Set #:

  • 1st Set: 1 Common
  • 2nd Set: 2 Commons
  • 3rd Set: 1 Common or 1 Rare
  • 4th Set: 1 Rare
  • 5th Set: 1 Common AND 1 Rare
  • 6th Set: 2 Cards, each with a 50% chance of Common or Rare
  • 7th Set (and above): 2 Rares

What’s Next?

As we often say in web3, “it’s early.” We will continue to make adjustments to Revel as we add new features (and as our user community grows) in order to create the best possible user experience over the long term.

We realize that we will not always get everything perfectly right on the first try, and we appreciate your feedback–please connect with us in Discord or on social media to let us know how you like these improvements. We’re also happy to answer questions from our community.

Every other Thursday, you can join us for a Town Hall or “Play the Game” session and interact with the team live, on Zoom. You can register here, and we hope to see you there!

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