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Published:February 7, 2023


How Not to Get Your Assets Removed or Account Banned

The introduction of exciting new technologies to consumer applications is a tremendous opportunity that enables new ways to create, share, earn, and more. At, we’re innovating in several areas, including AI-generated art, “trading” personal digital assets, and growing and monetizing a web3-powered brand.

However, these innovations also bear risks–to our users and community, to our company, and to outside parties. As a company, we want to build an amazing and safe experience for our users, but we also have a responsibility to maintain a platform that complies with intellectual property regulations and other laws.

We’ve recently seen a number of users creating problematic assets. We know that this is not always intentional! As a consequence, we’ve been implementing a number of new automated countermeasures to prevent both deliberate and accidental violations of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use.

Additionally, we’ll do our best to make it more clear within the app what is acceptable and what is not. We hate removing assets, and we REALLY hate banning accounts, so it’s our intention to create as secure a platform as possible so that we can work with all of you, our treasured users, to create an amazing ecosystem within

To help you further understand what is acceptable and unacceptable when creating assets on, we’re going to share some examples below.

Television and Film Characters

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned over the last month, it’s that our users really love Marvel movies! So many of you are fans of Iron Man and Spider-Man.

And DC, especially The Joker (incidentally, you may have noticed that we have an unrelated utility token in our app called the Joker, which we covered in a previous blog post).

You also love Star Wars!

We don’t blame you! Many of us at are also big fans of these franchises.

However, creating assets using clearly recognizable characters and brands is not allowed on our platform and these assets will be removed. For repeat offenders, accounts may even be subject to ban. This is even true when you are using our built-in AI tool to create new images–the technology is new and evolving and it’s up to all of us to use discretion with the new art that we create. “Fan art” can still violate copyright laws and trademarks.

Existing NFTs

We also cannot allow users to upload new versions of existing NFTs. We’ve seen many images of Bored Ape Yacht Club, Moonbirds, Doodles, Azuki, and more uploaded to our platform. These can not only be misleading to other users who might want to trade for them but would ultimately create confusion on the blockchain when we introduce the ability to remove assets from and trade them elsewhere. So, please refrain from this practice, even for NFTs that you already own!

Photos and Videos from the Internet

The final major category we’d like to speak to today is images and videos that users take from elsewhere. We’ve seen lots of great photos of Lionel Messi, world leaders, awesome sports cars, watches, and more, but these photos are only valid for minting on when you’ve taken them yourselves.

How You Can Help

Every community member in has the ability to report assets that may not conform to our Terms of Use. When examining a particular asset closely, tap the small “kebab” icon (three vertical dots) and follow the prompts on the bottom of the screen. Members of our content moderation team review every asset reported this way and will render a decision about whether the asset can remain on the platform. We appreciate your efforts and this will help make the app safer and more enjoyable for everyone!

Trading for Problematic Assets

One last point we’d like you to think about when using–assets that you trade for that infringe upon IP or are otherwise problematic, as we detailed above, may well be banned after you’ve traded for them. In such cases, the Estimated Asset Values are reset to defaults. So, please be careful about the trades that you make as you do not want to unintentionally lose portfolio value after trading for an asset that will ultimately be removed. We need a healthy community, aware of the rules, in order for to be successful.

What’s Next?

As we continue to make enhancements to the product, we will add new functionality to prevent minting of unacceptable assets to make your lives (and ours) easier. In the meantime, please use your best discretion in adhering to the guidelines above and in our Terms of Use. If you’re ever unsure about something you’d like to mint, please ask us on Twitter or in our Discord!

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